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Admission open for the session 2020-21 from Nursery to Class VII.Our School strictly implements "no homework policy" for class I and II.

Monday, December 9, 2019

GOD of truth,be thou alone my guide.
"Each soul is potentially divine"
Arise!Awake!and stop not till the goal is reached.
They only live who live for others
Conquer yourself and the whole universe is yours.

New Admission For (2020-2021) Session.

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Sadhana Divas

‘Sadhana Diwas’ was observed on 19th November,2019 on Tuesday in Vivekananda  Kendra Vidyalaya,Kajalgaon.This was observed on account of the birth anniversary of Sri Eknath Ranade.The observation was started by chanting our traditional  ‘Manglacharan’.Sri Debajyoti Dey Sir gave a valuable speech on the great works of EknathJi and his contribution on Vivekananda Rock Memorial.There was a beautiful song presentation by students.

Wasibul Arif,a student of class IX also had said few words on the life events of Eknath Ji  and the establishment of Vivekananda Rock Memorial.On that special day ,a quiz competition was also organised by Sir Debajyoti and Dipti Didi.The  participants had a tough competition,it was excited for the other students as they were also having chances to win some reward in the quiz competition.Thus it ran very smoothly and hence ended with ShantiPath.



The auspicious  programme of children’s Day was observed on 14 thNov,2019 by Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya,Kajalgaon.The programme started by following our traditional ‘Manglacharan’,which had a spiritual moment to everyone present there.Then it was followed by a welcome speech by Principal Sir.

 A guest of honour was also invited for the programme namely Dr I.Bordoloi and Dr KameshwarDas  who also witnessed the programme.The guest was felicitated by Principal Sir.There was a beautiful welcome song presentation by the teacher staff.The guest gave a valuable speech on that occasion.There after there was a dance performance by our students,followed by a speech  given by Mahasweta Deka. 

  In order to conduct the programme more interestingly the students had another dance performance and also a speech delivered by Pranjal Brahma of class VIII.The students enjoyed the programme very much along with the guest present there.The programme was witnessed by another Bihu dance by students and Tiwa dance by the teachers,which gave a thrill pleasure to everyone at the end of the day.The programme ran smoothly and ended with ShantiMantra.


Sunday, November 3, 2019

On 28th October,2019 Thangaraja Ji reached VKV,kajalgaon .Sri,Thangraraja,Differently abled VKV kanyakumari alumni is travelling on his specially designed tri-wheeler with message of EK BHARAT Vijay Bharat.
                He already traveled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and he is coming to North East via Bihar.He motivated our students with his inspiring experiences. He said our students that he wished to tour all over India even if he is physically disabled. Therefore he proved that if there is a will, There is win.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Gandhi Jayanti and Shastri Jayanti was held on 2nd October,2019.The programme started from 10:31 am positively,  following traditional ,’Manglacharan'.Thereafter the programme was blessed with a welcome song in the delightful voice of Mahasweta didi and Siddartha Sir.Later on there was teacher’s speech by respected Indrani Didi,who gave valuable knowledge to the students on the value of the auspicious day.A student of class X,Susmita Ray,also gave a speech on importance of the day.We also held a rally at 9:30 am from school to kajalgaon market,where our students had done swacchata,again highlighting the role of today’s   generation in making India cleaner and also greener .The programme in school concluded with a shantipath .At the end of the day ,our students planted some trees in the campus of the school along with the teachers.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Janmasthami 24th Aug 2019

Janmasthami was celebrated for the junior students on 24th Aug 2019 in the prayer hall. Some selected students performed a dance on Radha and Krishna bhajan.Sri Asish Shukla,Asst.Teacher of the Vidyalaya delivered a speech about the importance of the Janmasthami celebration.A Radha and Krishna dress competition was conducted for the junior students. Students presented very nicely in colorful dress .Finally, prasads were distributed among all. After the prasads distribution there was a ‘ Matkiphore ’ programme among the students and they participated in the Matkiphore programme.Around 250 students including teachers were present in the celebration.

Thursday, September 19, 2019


Madhab Dev Tithi was observed on 20th Aug,2019 in the last two periods.Su.Joonmoni Pathak ,a teacher of the vidyalaya delivered a speech on the importance of Madhab Dev tithi.The lady teacher of the vidyalaya presented a naam.Sri Abhiya Singha of class X gave a speech on Madhav Dev.Ku Kaberi Basumatary of class IX presented a Borgeet.Around 350 students and teachers were present in the observation.